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Bravo: Male Vitality Tea - 20 Bags

Bravo: Male Vitality Tea - 20 Bags

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Male Vitality Tea - 20 Bags is the perfect solution to keep you performing at your best, every single time. The herbs in this powerful brew are potent enough to give any man an extra boost of energy, focus, and overall health. Cynomorium root is a Chinese herb long associated with male health and vitality. Epimedium leaf is another Chinese herb used to treat nerve pain, arthritic pain, fatigue, and sexual dysfunction. Curculigo rhizome is an Indian ayurvedic herb used as an aphrodisiac as well as eliminating dampness, strengthening bones and muscles, and anti-inflammatory effects in addition to many other benefits. With all that and more, this tea is packed full of ingredients designed to improve your overall health and keep you performing at your best in every aspect.

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