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Chiwara Wood Carving

Chiwara Wood Carving

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Get a taste of authentic African culture with this Chiwara Wood Carving. The Chiwara is a sacred symbol of the Bambara people.  The chiwara represents the mythical being that taught the Bambara people agriculture (all of these animals dig in the ground, so they represent farming). It is the composite animal made up of the antelope, aardvark and pangolin. In the early 1900s many modernist artists, including Picasso, were influenced by the beauty of this figure and included similar designs in their work.

Now you can have this influential sculpture for yourself. This striking figure is truly unique amongst African sculptures. Available in 3 colors, it makes a great addition to home decor. This figure is depicted in abstract form, with a large horn, jagged back, and triangle-patterned midsection. It is a wonderful focal piece in your home decor. It will definitely be a conversation starter at your next dinner party or gathering. Indulge in a piece of true African symbolism with this chiwara wood carving. Approximately 15" tall and base measures 2.5" x 2.75"


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